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How Schnitzer Creates Value

Our Operational Footprint

Schnitzer’s integrated operating model advances a circular economy, with regionally-based hub and spoke models that enable efficient logistics and transportation, minimizing our environmental footprint and supporting supply chain resiliency.

As one of North America’s largest manufacturers and exporters of recycled metals, our operating facilities are located in 25 states, Puerto Rico, and Western Canada, including seven deep water export facilities.

Regional recycling markets are supported by our operating platform, which encompasses 54 recycling facilities, including shredding operations that process and recycle end-of-life vehicles, appliances, and industrial materials, and 51 Pick-n-Pull stores that sell serviceable used auto parts from salvaged vehicles and receive over 4.1 million annual retail visits.Our steel manufacturing operation produces finished steel products including rebar, wire rod, and other specialty products.

Metal Recycling

54 Metal Recycling Facilities

Auto Recycling

51 Pick-n-Pull stores

Steel Manufacturing

1 Cascade Steel location

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