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Health & Wellness

Schnitzer’s three-pillared approach to wellness supports the mental, physical, and financial health of our workforce. We know wellness directly impacts both productivity and culture—a connection reinforced since the beginning of the pandemic. We also know that mental, physical, and financial health are interconnected—when one area is impacted, there is often a cascading effect on the others.

Advancing the Three Pillars of Health & Wellness

In 2022, Schnitzer delivered health and wellness resources in partnership with WebMD, Canopy, and Empower to advance our sustainability goals to engage employees on Company program offerings.

During the spring we hosted a physical wellness challenge competition, The Invitational. Over the course of five weeks, more than 200 participants across the Company walked a total of 79,774,298 steps—the equivalent of nearly 40,000 miles. The initiative aimed to inspire healthy lifestyle behaviors at home and at work through friendly competition.

Schnitzer’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers free and confidential services to support our employees and their families.

We achieved a 15% increase in 401(k) participation from fiscal 2021.

In August 2022, Schnitzer launched a Company-wide Stressless Challenge, which offered resources for stress-free activities, including new content each day to allow participants to try a variety of methods for reducing stress and improving mental and physical well-being. The Stressless Challenge asked participants to track their downtime, checking in daily to encourage engagement in short relaxation activities. By dedicating time to rest, relaxation, and well-being, participants aim to sleep better, feel better, improve heart health, and help prevent stress-related health issues.

To promote financial wellness and ensure our teams have the tools they need to manage everyday financial decisions while planning for a sustainable future, we implemented an employee awareness campaign focused on our Company retirement and savings plans.

Through our 401(k) and Company matching program, we provide benefits to our employees upon retirement. In the past, several of these benefits required employees to “opt in” to receive benefits; by implementing automatic enrollment whereby newly hired employees can “opt out” of the program, we achieved a 15% increase in 401(k) participation from fiscal 2021.

EAP benefits include a broad range of services such as childcare, behavioral coaching, counseling, home ownership assistance, eldercare support, financial planning, and identity theft protections.

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