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Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion within our employee community promotes broader perspectives and stronger connections. DEI is a fundamental part of our business strategy and success, including a commitment to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and fostering an inclusive culture where employees collaborate toward shared goals.

Our formal DEI program celebrates employees of all backgrounds by advancing a safe and healthy work environment in which individuals are treated equitably and with respect and dignity. We strive to motivate and recognize our teams who work with pride, passion, and mutual accountability.

A Conversation with Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Stef Murray

What is Schnitzer’s DEI vision?


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are strategic business imperatives that help us reach our full potential – collectively and as individuals. Implementing our DEI vision is critical to our success, including through engagement with our customers, suppliers, communities, and other stakeholders. Simply put, our DEI vision is to assemble a workforce that reflects the demographics of our communities, demonstrates a deep sense of pride in our Company, and leans on equitable practices to succeed.

How does the concept of equity fit into Schnitzer’s existing diversity strategy?


I would say equity is at the heart of our broader DEI objectives. This year we focused our Company-wide DEI training on the topic of equity, taking the opportunity to educate our workforce on the differences between equity and equality, and showcasing the steps Schnitzer is taking to advance equity and provide individuals with the resources and support they need to succeed.

Starting with our hiring practices and extending to our Employee Resource Groups, we’re actively engaged in eliminating barriers in the workplace that create inequity so we can offer an environment where everyone can thrive.

How do Schnitzer’s Employee Resource Groups support the Company’s DEI vision?


In 2019, we introduced the concept of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)—voluntary, employee-led groups that celebrate diversity and foster an inclusive workplace. Just a few years later, our six ERGs bring together employees from across all organizational levels to increase cultural awareness, inspire engagement, and create a space where open and safe conversations can take place.

ERGs spend a lot of time focused on education. They bring both historical context and timely events to the broader employee community and offer valuable insight into employee needs and concerns. They help employees better understand each other and are essential to achieving our DEI vision.

How does Schnitzer engage employees on DEI topics?


We also regularly gather feedback from employees to gauge performance on our DEI program efforts. In 2021 we analyzed the responses from our Great Place to Work® employee survey to help guide DEI programs and initiatives and address feedback directly from employees. In 2022, we were recertified as a Great Place to Work® and saw our overall scores increase from the prior year. This is especially noteworthy given the growth at Schnitzer—more than a 10% increase in our employee base—over the course of the fiscal year.

Schnitzer Recertified as A Great
Place to Work®

Recertification as a Great Place to Work® reinforces our collective dedication to maintaining a positive work environment that helps to shape the way our business supports all our stakeholders.”

—Erich Wilson, Chief Human Resources Officer

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