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Benchmarking Diversity

Benchmarking our diversity data helps us better understand our employee population, extend our hiring practices to a diverse slate of qualified candidates for all positions, and identify opportunities to advance our DEI goals.

In fiscal 2022, we welcomed to the Schnitzer Board of Directors Dr. Leslie Shoemaker, Chief Sustainability and Leadership Development Officer of Tetra Tech, a leading global provider of consulting and engineering services in the areas of water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development.

We are a Company built on a culture and by a workforce that has always been broad-based, and we understand that excellence defined by innovation, employee engagement, and productivity are not sustainable without a culture based on respect, fairness, and equal opportunity. This environment can only exist if we are a place where characteristics such as race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation do not define talent and where our organization is distinguished by its diversity in all demographics and at all levels.”

—Tamara Lundgren, Chairman and CEO

With the addition of Dr. Shoemaker, Schnitzer’s Board is composed of over 50% female directors, far exceeding the Russell 3000 average of 27.3%.

In fiscal 2022, 22% of our new hires were women and nearly 49% were ethnically diverse.

Our Workforce Ethnicity Association vs. Our Industry Averages

Schnitzer Workforce (U.S. only)

Pie chart showing Schnitzer Workforce (U.S. only)

53% White or Caucasian

47% Black, Indigenous,
and People of Color

EEO-1 2020* Industry Aggregate

Pie chart showing EEO-1 2020 Industry Aggregate

63% White or Caucasian

37% Black, Indigenous,
and People of Color

* Most recent year industry data is available

Our Workforce Age Breakdown vs. Our Industry Averages

Schnitzer Workforce

Pie chart showing Schnitzer Workforce

50% >50 years

30% 30-50 years

20% <30 years

Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021* Industry Aggregate

Pie chart showing Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021 Industry Aggregate

34% >50 years

40% 30-50 years

26% <30 years

* Most recent year industry data is available

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